Forrest Gumption

Fandango’s One Word Challenge– Gumption  #fowc   I can’t help it. When I think of Gumption… I think of the movie, Forrest Gump. And if the reader will allow me a slightly liberal amount of writing gumption, I wish to ponder the Gumption of Gump or “Forrest Gumption.” I’ve read very little about somebody’s conjecture […]


  I have so many reservations about reservation. It’s in my nature to be analytical, but I suspect that I sometimes overplay my strength and become too reserved…suspicious if you will. I think it’s a good idea to make a reservation at a restaurant, but perhaps it is being a little bit too precautionary to […]

Angel’s Fire

It saddens me to behold your words crying— to hear the painful echoes of your heart’s break escaping from the fragments of your dream. I retreat– weaving in the silent closet, a solaced quilt of the soul. Dancing across the sacred pool, I offer a melody of comfort serenading the stars ’round you –emerge from this […]

Agitation to Peace

Today, my one-word writing prompt is Peace. Initially, I selected “Agitation” as the prompt, but I didn’t want to focus only on agitation. Agitation’s existence is always in relationship to the agitator, right? It is birthed from something in the heart, a memory or a lie we believe,  and grows into a thought—leading to an […]


My personal prompt today is “Haunted”. Because—I’m haunted. I’m haunted by memories, good and bad. I’m haunted by dreams. I’m haunted by success and failure. I’m haunted by the possibility that sometimes I say too much and that I am too much me. Or the opposite thought which whispers that maybe I didn’t say enough, […]

I Love Spring

Alarming red. Glowing yellow. Nurturing green.  Revitalizing. The warm of the sun. A loving embrace of shade. The caress of a gentle breeze. A lazy cloud billowing overhead, smiling. I love spring. Rebirth. I breathe.  It’s the world around me waking up after a long nap. A sensuous constellation of fragrance, sound, color and, oh yeah, […]