My Pedigree

I ascend from an infection of human impulse. I’ve evolved from a sordid striving to attain that which is beyond the grasp of physicality— A sensuous bite into the fruit of identity. 

This is my pedigree.

Still tangled in the innocent ripple of existence, I long. Still scarred by the illusion of a vague loftiness, I seek. Asking, I bury myself in the dusty charm of a faded solitude…wondering.

Is this my pedigree?

Indignation boils within my curbed, formal sanity. A puzzled inner voice screams “justice” from a soulful plateau. A desperate desire steams “vengeance” from a heartfelt sanctity. A yearning to vanquish the unrighteous headlines my mind.

Is this?

All that I am—gripped in fear, dipped in a gritty dirt—perishes. It is faith that illuminates my path. It is hope that strengthens my dizzy pace through the world. It is love which animates my spirit. A gentle iron steels my resolve. This is my now. This is my future. This is…

My pedigree.

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