I Love Spring

Alarming red. Glowing yellow. Nurturing green.  Revitalizing. The warm of the sun. A loving embrace of shade. The caress of a gentle breeze. A lazy cloud billowing overhead, smiling. I love spring. Rebirth. I breathe.  It’s the world around me waking up after a long nap. A sensuous constellation of fragrance, sound, color and, oh yeah, bugs.

The insects of spring are a mighty lot. Creeping, crawling, buzzing, clicking, clacking—, chirp, burp, hop, fly, sting, and bite.

Daily, I stroll through a spider’s web. And daily, I flail my hands to disengage what I hope is the web minus spider. What’s funny is that for a few minutes after my web entanglement, every tinge or tingle occurring on my body is immediately interpreted by my mind as the displaced spider crawling on my skin. I flail at the thought of a spider, not the spider itself.  If I’m not careful, I may stop to flail next to a colony of ants. Of course, one or two ants march onto my foot and up my leg. Swat. I knock the ant to the ground and shuffle away. I pause to admire the majestic purple of a blooming butterfly bush.  A mental shiver replaces the reality of the ant and the spider. 

Flail. Swat.

With my free hand, I gently raise one of the bush’s flowering spikes. Each stem …A BEE!!! Wait, many bees. A squadron of bumbles has obviously misinterpreted my flails and swats as aggressive posturing. Smack. Like an expert air-drummer at a Metallica concert, my arms smack at bees just out of reach.

Flail. Swat. Smack.

Oh no, pincher bugs-hop. Fleas-Itch. Noseeums-Scratch. Fear-sweat. Pollen-cough.

Flail. Swat. Smack. Hop. Itch. Scratch. Sweat. Cough.

Flail. Swat. Smack. Hop. Itch. Scratch. Sweat. Cough.

Suddenly, life slows and I become one with my garden choreography. Movements that were once disjointed, now appear to undulate with a hypnotic grace that transcends its frantic components. I smile.

Flail. Swat. Smack. Hop. Itch. Scratch. Sweat. Cough. Undulate.

Flail. Swat. Smack. Hop. Itch. Scratch. Sweat. Cough. Undulate.

Flail, Swat. Sma… Yellow Jackets!!! Run.

I love Spring. 


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