Let’s Just Have the Party!

I’m troubled by my reaction to the concept of ceremony. I don’t lie awake at night worried about it…I’m just troubled by it.  I understand the pomp, the circumstance, the formalities, the protocol, the special attire and all that…well, I accommodate these accouterments (there’s usually excellent food), I don’t necessarily “get” it.  I just have […]

People Pleaser

My mom once called me a “people pleaser.” I can’t really remember the exact context in which the comment was made, I just remember that I felt belittled. Sad. Not affirmed.  I knew she wasn’t complimenting me. And this phrase has haunted me…for years…and…years. It probably stung because, at some level, she had correctly assessed […]


Warning: This is just an apparition of a blog that already exists somewhere in cyberspace. (BTW…the cyber is flat. Don’t let anybody lie to you) I am a doppelblogger— a person who fashions already-thought thoughts into already-written words to produce already-blogged blogs. In fact, now that I think about it, my whole life is a […]

The New Archaic

As always… Current is the new archaic. The trendy fable that ripples through a culture wearing labels such as fashion, music, business, religion, and amusement.  A stealthy, distributed workforce of contemporary prophets sewing a mysterious validation into the analysis of our collective behaviors. Does this writing make me look fat? Yes, the cutting edge is […]